Winning the race for digital customers & margin

How digital technology is creating new opportunities for energy retailers

A joint paper by Equator and ESG

Winning the race for customers & margin


We are pleased to collaborate with Equator to co-author a new paper as part of sharing our smarter energy insights.

Extracts are shown at the page with a summary video & download link to the full paper at the bottom of the page.



An introduction to our paper

After two decades, energy markets are moving from incumbents & new entrants towards the future leaders.



The new paper sets out the latest opportunities, requirements and capabilities for customer competition globally in the digital energy era.

This is the new requirement of today, as competitive leaders orientate to create the next model and scale it ahead of their peers.


New energy - an era of constant disruption & opportunity


Our joint paper is the start of an exciting collaboration between our companies.

Together we bring together expertise and platforms to empower future competitive energy.


Meet Amy- the connected customer


Future competitive success provides expanding customer benefit through your software platform in a simple way.

Integrated, seamless platforms automate & personalise customer experience at scale while removing sector complexity.

Software as a service, customer insight and continual optimisation provide the building blocks.


An emerging digital divide


We adopt services which are the most simple, least overall cost & meet our evolving needs continually.


With more devices, channels, connections, energy choices & electric vehicles – customer complexity grows.

Customers adopt services and applications from those who make their digital lives easy and fair.

All competitive providers need to find new ways to save money for their customers.


Ready? The race is now on


Smarter, real-time management of energy use and production will benefit customers, the Supplier and the grid.

Making energy simpler, smarter and always at the best cost point is a starting point for future competitiveness.


From energy to mobility, from consumers to prosumers – the future energy customer is here.



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Download the full paper

Click the link or image below for the paper which opens in a new page.


Equator & Utility Energy Paper 2019



The future energy roadmap is clear, competitive leaders are delivering it already

Our software as a service platform empowers your growing digital customer benefit.

Let’s collaborate to deliver tomorrow’s energy today.



Let’s explore

Together, we make energy smarter for everyone.


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Mark Coyle, Chief Marketing Officer @ ESG




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Smarter Energy Insights Forum


Our SEIF#4 end of the year UK market change 2019 round-up & update will take place as a webinar on 26th November.

Updates on Faster Switching, Half Hourly Settlement, existing Supplier licensing consultation & more will be covered.


Smarter Energy Insights Forum 4 webinar


Next SEIF#5 is a full forum in London with new external speakers on key changes early in the new year.

The forum will cover key topics such as customer compliance in the digital era in addition to the market change programmes covered as usual.

Attendance is free and by invite for our existing & new customers, affiliates & market friends.

Existing forum participations will be invited directly. Contact Mark if not yet registered.


The paper capturing themes and answers from SEIF#3 is available to download.

Click the image or link below which open in a new page:

SEIF3 paper front

Utiligroup SEIF#3 Summary Paper


Smarter Energy Insights Forum 3 paper sample pages


Contact us via our chief marketing officer, Mark Coyle at to discuss your participation

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