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Engage with us in 2020

Now 2020 is upon us we are very excited about our involvement in the multitude of events we have schedule for the first quarter. We will be sponsoring, speaking and exhibiting at various events across the country and welcome engaging with you. If you are planning to be at any of these events please contact us at energy-leaders@utiligroup.com

Sponsor & Speaking…

Westminster Energy, Environment & Transport Forum keynote seminar: Competition in the UK energy market | 6th Feb, London

This conference will assess the next steps for developing affordability, competitiveness, and innovation in UK retail energy markets. Our CSO, Mark Coyle will be speaking at 10am.

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Utiligroup Smarter Energy Insights Forum | 6th Feb, London

The Utiligroup Smarter Energy Insights Forum is a series of collaborative seminars bringing together integral companies and groups to discuss and share the latest in technology trends and industry change.

Our Smarter Energy Insights Forum #5 will take place at London’s iconic British Film Institute complex on Thursday 6th February. Our forum precedes The Westminster Energy, Environment & Transport Forum and is just a 7 minute walk away from the BFI. Our CSO, Mark Coyle will be speaking at the WEETF and encourages you to join us here in the morning and then continue on with us to the BFI, where we will have several industry key players discussing priorities for retail energy markets in 2020 including Elexon, Cornwall Energy and Energy UK.

If you wish to attend please email Dominic Benabda at Utiligroup


Sponsor & Speaking…

Energy Storage Summit | 25th – 26th February, London

The Energy Storage Summit, now in its 5th year is renowned for its quality, breadth and expertise, featuring an all-encompassing range of strategic and technical sessions on the adoption and deployment of storage.

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Future of Utilities Summit | 24 – 25th March, London

Future of Utilities Summit brings top-level energy and water executives together to transform business models and adapt to the disruption in the market. Make sure you drop by our sweet cart to treat yourself and have a chat with some of the team.

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Sponsor & Exhibiting…

EV World Congress | 29th – 30th April , Bristol

The EV World Congress is the only event in the UK dedicated to bringing international innovation and global game changers to the UK to inspire, educate and connect with their UK and European peers and colleagues. We are keen to support our current customers and prospects to explore the options offered with EV.

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Sponsor & Speaking…

Marksandmarkets Energy DigiTech Summit | 14th – 15th May , London

This summit will discuss how technological transformation changes the way energy is produced, transmitted, managed and used as it is essential to understand and evaluate the emerging trends in technology that could transform the grid further. Our CSO Mark Coyle will be engaging on a panel discussion regarding ‘the digitised energy consumer’.

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There will be many more events to come in 2020 so check back to get the latest news and updates on our whereabouts. We always welcome engaging with you at any of these events so please contact us if you would like to arrange a meeting at energy-leaders@utiligroup.com