Creativity during ‘Business As Unusual’

Working from home is now the new unnormal for everyone, with our teams quick to adjust & innovate. Utiligroup started its transition early, over a month ago to be ready to support our customers during their own changeover. Our wonderful team is constantly finding ways to be creative,  supportour customers and each other. Online meetings have extended into virtual pubs, gym sessions, dress up birthday parties, team cycling and quizes. As people add new backgrounds to their calls, they appear to have dialled in such as world leaders, celebrities and even Mexican wrestlers. It’s a different time in society but our business carries on supporting energy leaders, making energy smarter and underpinning customer support by Suppliers. We look forward to a better shared future, but for now Utiligroup is live, engaging deeply with the energy sector and finding new ways to innovate. Business as unusual, we’re on it!  Click here to contact us today

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