Energy Market Partnering Made Easy
GnERGY is a community energy group created to serve the particular needs of the UK’s Gurkha community. They already had a unique business model and set of clear objectives for market penetration and growth. What they also needed was a partner who could help them successfully enter the market. They chose Utiligroup.

“We believe that we have a unique proposition in the UK energy market with our plans to directly serve our community in this way,” says Tikendra Dewan of GnERGY. “As such, we required a partner that understands our unique needs and has the skills and experience to help us achieve our goals. We found that Utiligroup were the only company in the market that could deliver not only the pre-accredited energy supply that helped us begin operations more quickly, but also the industry-leading software and services that enable us to meet the needs of our community customer base.”

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