Antony Grinyer

When did you join the company and at what position:?

I joined Utiligroup in April 2017 as a Software Engineering Manager

How has Utiligroup helped you in your career?

Prior to Utiligroup I had never worked in the energy sector before so the company have provided me with various in-house training sessions to develop my knowledge around the industry which has enabled me to perform better in my role. They have also enrolled me onto a Leadership Diploma course with other managers which is great for my progression in the company.

What is on your wish list for the next ten years in the company?

I aim to continue contributing to the success of the company and exceeding our customers’ expectations, which in turn will contribute to my goal of building a world class software development team!

What do you love most about Utiligroup?

The culture – everyone shares the same vision and they really pull together as a team. Overall the company promotes a collaborative, empowered, fun and hard working environment.

If you could share any advice for prospective candidates what would it be?

To understand the time it can take to learn about the industry because the energy sector is highly complex and can take time to grasp. You need to be committed to learning and developing your knowledge on the subject matter.

Tea making skills: 5 – as a Southerner I’m no good at making Northern ‘milky brews’

Describe yourself in 3 words: Positive, candid, empathetic

Favourite Superhero: Wonder Woman

Motto to live by: It’s not about finding your limits, it’s about finding what lies beyond them

Favourite Drink: Moscow Mule – in a copper mug

Favourite Food: Seafood

Hobbies: Triathlon

Dislikes: Any form of queuing or delays, particularly traffic jams or flight delays!


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